Poems (May)


Spring’s bloom; Summer doth loom.
After Summer, gloom;
Autumn’s to entomb.
Golden-glow leaves; flower petal eaves.
The shade of an angel,
The imprint of the faithful.
death is come;
White winter; fall of Rome.


Your blood rose lips,
Give me white rose love,
Your hyacinth eyes,
Lilac, lavender stars.
You give me fire.
I give you ire.
My bramble thorn lips,
My wasteland, dead eyes.
I’m not worthy of love.
Drown me in my lies;
Lay me down on a bed of nails;
Burn me in a pyre;
Scatter me like Versailles.
Forget me.


A forgotten kiss
Lingers on my lips.
Unholy delights
Swim a current
In my head.

Just messing around with words.


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